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Symptoms and Causes of Vertigo

Senior Home Care in Suwanee GA
Senior Home Care in Suwanee GA

Vertigo is unique in that it’s a sensation, not an actual event in the body. It is a sensation that the room or area around you is spinning when in fact, you are holding still and so are the things around you. Because it is such a strong sensation that the world is spinning, and you may even see the world slide by your vision like it’s spinning, vertigo can cause the recipient to lose balance and feel dizzy – a dangerous situation for your elderly loved one.

Knowing what brings on an attack of vertigo and then the best courses of action, can help your loved one prevent an attack or if one happens, know how to react to prevent injury. You might also consider having a senior care provider help him with certain tasks or movements if vertigo occurs frequently. A senior care provider can be on hand and help your loved one steady himself.

While the main symptom of vertigo is the sensation of a spinning environment, severe vertigo can also bring on other symptoms.

  • Dizziness
  • A ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Headaches and migraines – many times a bout of vertigo is the beginning of a migraine attack
  • Pressure in the ears
  • Nausea

There are several causes of vertigo. Some can be medical, which your loved one can seek treatment for. Others are situational, caused by certain actions or activities your loved one is taking part in. These activities may not bother others but may cause him to have vertigo. If he discovers that his vertigo is brought on or made worse by certain actions, he can learn to work around them to help reduce the risk that he’ll develop vertigo.

  • Migraines. Migraines and vertigo often go hand in hand. If your loved one feels a migraine coming on, he should rest in a quiet area.
  • An inner ear infection. A sudden bout of vertigo may indicate your loved one has an ear infection.
  • An inflammation of his vestibular nerve. This nerve sends messages to the brain and helps control balance.

While the above reasons can be addressed with your loved one’s doctor, the following causes of vertigo are often more likely to be short-term and can be reduced by changing habits of how your loved one moves.

  • Standing up or sitting down too quickly. If your loved one has vertigo when standing quickly, have him go a bit slower and enlist the help of a senior care provider or family member when he needs to rise from a seated position.
  • Bending over. Trying to touch the ground without bending at the knees can cause a rush of blood to the head and kick in vertigo. Your loved one should always strive to squat if he needs to pick up something from the ground. If that’s not possible, have his senior care provider assist.
  • If vertigo occurs in bed or while he’s trying to sleep, have him try a new sleeping position where his head is elevated by a few pillows.

If vertigo is interfering with your loved one’s ability to enjoy life, work with his physician to help him find solutions that will manage his vertigo.

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