Surgery may be the best option for your senior, but it’s a solution that can take an awful lot out of your elderly family members. She needs time to heal and she needs to be as safe as possible while she’s recovering. Here’s what you can do.


Caregiver in Buford GA: Recovering from Surgery

Caregiver in Buford GA: Recovering from Surgery


Clear a Path, if Necessary

Scope out the situation at home before your senior is discharged. If you’re not able to do this, delegate the task to someone you trust. If there are tight passageways or there’s anything that might make mobility more difficult, move some things around. Make sure there’s a clear path to the bathroom from wherever your senior will be recuperating. If stairs are going to be a problem, consider setting up a makeshift bedroom in a more convenient spot in the home.


Make Meals as Easy as Possible

Meals are another important detail. It’s a good idea to stock up your senior’s fridge and freezer with meals and meal components that are going to be easy for her to eat and to digest. Those foods also need to be full of nutrients so that she’s able to heal as well as possible. Talk to family members about cooking meals for your senior and then freezing them in individual serving containers.


Check Discharge Instructions and Gather Needed Items

Get as much information as possible about treating your senior after her surgery. If there are prescriptions or other necessary items, like crutches, you might be able to get those before your elderly family member is discharged after surgery. Read any discharge instructions carefully and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The better you understand what to watch for and what might be an issue, the better care you can take of your elderly family members.


Consider Hiring Senior Care Providers

Something else to consider is that hiring senior care providers can help your senior and you throughout this entire process. They can handle the hands-on tasks that might need doing after your senior has surgery. They can also ensure that you’re able to focus on making sure that your elderly family member is emotionally fine. When you can’t be there, your senior isn’t alone.

Make sure to contact your senior’s doctor right away if you or your elderly family member notice anything odd after surgery. Even something small could be a big clue, so it’s important that you don’t ignore anything.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner