Your senior should always talk to her doctor about exercise before she starts, but once she gets the go-ahead, she should know that there are plenty of benefits to moving even a little more.



Caregiver in Suwanee GA: Senior Exercise

Caregiver in Suwanee GA: Senior Exercise

She Could Reduce Her Fall Risk

Regular exercise strengthens muscles, especially core muscles, and improves balance and flexibility. All of these are crucial for your senior to avoid taking a fall. Reducing your elderly family member’s fall risk is likely a big goal for both you and her, so it’s important to take advantage of everything that can help you meet that goal.

She Could Improve Her Overall Health

No matter what sorts of health issues your elderly family member is battling, exercise can likely help her to improve them on some level. If nothing else, she’s improving her cardiovascular health by getting her blood flowing. Make sure that you talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about what types of exercise are going to benefit her the most based on her current health needs.

She May Start to Sleep Better

Lots of people are surprised when they start exercising and then start to sleep better at night. That happens because your senior is burning off excess energy that might have kept her awake longer than she wanted. Also, exercise helps to release hormones and chemicals that help her body to relax when she’s ready to rest. All of that is good news.

She Might Have More Energy

Just as surprising as improved sleep might be your senior’s energy levels improving, too. Because she’s moving her body, resting it better, and encouraging it to release happy chemicals, she’s going to benefit from having a little more energy that she can burn on the things that she really wants to be doing. These are also good for her.

She Might Be Able to Retain More Independence

Overall, your senior is going to be better able to maintain her independence, which can be an absolutely crucial fact for her. Knowing that just moving a little more is going to be able to keep your elderly family member doing what she wants to do on her own terms can be something that motivates her even when it seems nothing else does.

Finding ways that your senior wants to exercise might be easier than she thinks. If she needs help with transportation, elder care providers might be a good choice. They can help her to get safely to where she wants to go in order to get her exercise in.


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