How Proper Oral Health Can Improve Elder Care near Braselton, GA

There are numerous things that go into proper elder care. Experience is one of the most important aspects of an elderly health care provider, whether it’s a visiting nurse, a home care aide, or a family member looking after a loved one.

Getting proper oral health care is also important for many reasons. Many elderly individuals may rely on dentures or have other oral health related problems that go undetected for years. They may also avoid visiting the dentist out of a concern over pain, cost, and other factors.

Yet getting proper oral health care can actually have a direct impact and positive effect on their health as a whole. Research is shown that gum disease, certain bacteria that grow and are fostered in the mouth, can actually travel from open sores in the gums and other issues in the mouth to the heart, causing heart problems including heart attacks.

Poorly maintained oral health can also have a direct impact on an individual’s comfort level when talking to others. Many people have experienced this phenomenon in life. They go out to a restaurant, eat something with high levels of garlic or onions, and then become incredibly self-conscious about talking to another individual, especially in close proximity. They may avoid conversation, attempt to cover their mouth, or even hide a smile that could exhibit stained, yellow teeth or other issues within their mouth.

Some of these will have a direct impact on physical health, but they can have an even greater impact on emotional well-being. Proper oral health care begins with regular brushing and flossing for the elderly individual who has all of their original teeth. Even if they use bridges, taking care of those false teeth as well as their existing teeth becomes essential.

An elderly individual who wears dentures should also practice great oral care by not only removing the dentures and having them cleaned regularly, but also disinfecting the mouth, brushing the gums, and taking care to remove as much bacteria from their mouth, tongue, gums, and even the roof of the mouth as often as possible.

When the elder care patient practices proper oral care, he or she will be more confident and comfortable speaking and working with others. This can lead to an increase in smiling and other positive aspects of life. So for the individual who relies on elder care, make sure they also focus on their oral health and well-being. It can make a world of difference for numerous reasons.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner