Does Freezing Increase Fall Risk for a Senior with Parkinson’s Disease?

Freezing can be an intimidating and uncomfortable symptom of Parkinson’s disease. During an episode of freezing, the senior with PD is temporarily unable to move. This involuntary immobility can strike at any time, and it is impossible to predict when it might affect your parent. They may feel as though they are not able to take a step forward, like their feet are stuck to the floor, like they are unable to get up out of a chair, or like they are unable to change positions. While this symptom is uncomfortable and even frightening, it can also be dangerous. These episodes of inability to move can dramatically increase the chances that your senior will suffer from a fall. In fact, experts estimate that approximately 38% of falls that are experienced by people who are living with Parkinson’s disease occur following or during an episode of freezing.

Elder Care in Duluth GA: Parkinson’s Disease and Fall Risk

Freezing increases fall risk for a variety of reasons. When your elderly parent is unable to move, they may stumble or lose their balance. They may try to change positions suddenly or move sharply in order to get moving, which can cause them to fall. They may also stumble or lose their balance when someone caring for them attempts to force them to move, pulls on them, or otherwise tries to “break” the freezing.

It is very important if your aging parent is dealing with freezing that you do not attempt to break the episode or force them to move. Your parents should also not try sudden or sharp movements. Instead, they should remain calm and wait for the episode to end, or utilize techniques such as swaying or dancing to start their movements again. Having support and assistance from you or an elder care provider can be extremely effective in keeping your parents safe even when dealing with this type of symptom.

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