Dementia: If your elderly loved one has been lucky enough not to get dementia yet, it is worth noting there are many dementia prevention tips that can keep their risk of getting it low.

While there isn’t a surefire way to never get dementia, these tips can help to minimize your elderly loved one’s chances of getting dementia.


Elderly Care in Buford GA: Dementia

Elderly Care in Buford GA: Dementia


Quit Smoking

One of the best things your elderly loved one can do to prevent dementia is to quit smoking. When someone smokes cigarettes, their lungs are getting damaged. However, that is not the only part of their body that is being harmed. Smoking cigarettes also kills brain cells. The more brain cells that are killed, the higher risk the person has of getting dementia. Now that you know this, be sure you and your loved one’s elder care providers encourage them to quit smoking.

Eating Better

Another way that your elderly loved one can prevent dementia is by eating better. Research shows there are many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in vegetables and fruits that can help to fight off diseases, such as dementia. Some of the foods that you and elder care providers should be encouraging your loved one to eat often include blueberries, strawberries, nuts, tomatoes, carrots, kale, and asparagus.

Treating High Blood Pressure

The longer your elderly loved one lives with high blood pressure, the higher their risk of getting dementia will be. This is because high blood pressure increases pressure in the brain, leading to various health issues, including dementia. If your elderly loved one doesn’t currently have a blood pressure management plan, be sure you or their elder care provider takes them to the doctor. Their doctor can prescribe medications or decide on another treatment plan.

Reducing Mental Health Issues

Did you know that chronic stress and anxiety can also lead to dementia? If your elderly loved one is dealing with these mental health issues, it is very important that they get help to manage these right away. Therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes are all beneficial in treating and reducing mental health issues.

Dementia: Conclusion

These are some of the dementia prevention tips to share with your elderly loved one. If you and elder care providers can help your loved one with these things, their risk of getting dementia will be reduced quite a bit. If you think your elderly loved one already has dementia, you should make sure they get in to see their doctor quickly. The sooner a diagnosis is given, the sooner your elderly loved one can manage the symptoms of this disease.


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