Sometimes the physical changes that your senior experiences can be a sign that you need to pay attention to. Some of those signs can mean that other changes are coming quickly. If you’re noticing any physical changes in your aging adult, it’s a good idea to talk with her doctor about what they mean for her specifically.

Home Care in Flowery Branch GA: Physical Problems that Point to Trouble

Home Care in Flowery Branch GA: Physical Problems that Point to Trouble

Trouble Walking Properly.

If your elderly family member is showing signs that she’s not able to walk properly, that’s an issue you need to investigate. Some of the problems you might see could include an uneven gait or limping. She might even seem to be a little unstable on her feet. If she’s constantly holding onto the wall or to furniture as she walks, she may feel unsafe without something to stabilize her.

Health Issues Are Getting Worse.

Chronic health issues by definition tend to get worse and worse over time. But if you’re noticing that these issues are getting worse and your elderly family member isn’t mentioning them, you might want to ask her what’s going on. A trip to her doctor may be in order to determine what else she needs to do.

Physical Limitations Make Tasks Difficult.

Some of the limitations and changes that your senior is experiencing can cause great difficulty in getting through her day. She may have a tough time bathing or getting dressed, for instance. She might also find it exhausting to perform regular daily tasks like cooking or cleaning up. Forcing herself through these daily routines can be exhausting.

Some of Her Senses Are Changing.

Age brings with it changes to your senior’s senses, too. Her hearing and her vision in particular might not work the same way that they did in the past. But other senses, like her sense of smell or her sense of taste, could also change. Those can be dangerous if she can’t smell or taste that food has gone bad, for instance. It’s important to check in with your senior periodically to determine what changes are happening for her and how those affect her.

Home care providers can help you and your aging family member to both stay on top of these changes and manage tasks that are now more difficult. With the problems that are temporary, continued help from home care services can give your senior a break and allow her to recover. For more permanent changes, they can make them have less of an impact on your senior’s daily life.

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