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Home Care in Braselton GA: Coronavirus

Home Care in Braselton GA: Coronavirus

We know you are being inundated with messages, updates, concerns, etc. about the Corona Virus. So are we. Life, as we have traditionally lived and operated has changed dramatically over the last few weeks & looks to continue into our future for a while longer.

As we navigate our new normal, sometimes we forget how even such small steps or changes to our routine can affect each and every one of us. Many of us are still out working, grocery shopping, going to get takeout food, getting gas and doing many other activities and using our cars to do them. Here’s a bit of information that most of us have not even thought about but yet is so vital and important.

Have you thought about wiping down your car handles, steering wheel, gear shifter, window and door locks, trunk or tailgates, etc.? We are practicing safe hand-washing and using hand sanitizers yet then, we get into our cars, full of germs, and don’t even think about what germ is lurking in there and on the multiple surfaces where germs thrive. Yikes!!!


So as a small PSA, we have included a link from Kiplinger you can watch so you can get that car wiped clean.

Link: https://www.kiplinger.com


Stay healthy and safe. Practice social distancing, keep your hands clean and away from your face and if you don’t have to go out, stay home! But if you do go out, make sure your car is wiped down and sanitary too.


Make great memories today!


Team HCM



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