Especially in the earlier stages of caregiving, you might find that you’re not too worried about what’s going on with your elderly family member. She might seem to have things under control and things are rolling right along. But there are some situations that demand much more of your attention and might even require you to put your foot down a bit.


Home Care Services in Dacula GA: Caregiving Tips

Home Care Services in Dacula GA: Caregiving Tips


Your Senior’s Health Is Changing

Your elderly family member’s health is not something that remains static forever. In fact, if she has chronic health issues, those are likely to change sooner rather than later. Rapid health changes might mean that you need to be more insistent with your senior than you expected and sooner than you expected as well.


Safety Issues Might Require You to Speak Up

If you’re noticing that your senior’s home or her behavior is full of safety issues, you might find that spurs you to speak up more than you thought you would. Some of the safety issues you might encounter could involve maintenance concerns or structural changes that need to accommodate your senior’s needs. Others might be more involved, like a clutter situation that verges on hoarding.


Your Senior’s Driving Can Be a Factor

Your elderly family member might still be driving, but should she be? It’s entirely possible that at some point driving is no longer a safe thing for her to do on her own. But the obstacle that caregivers often run into is that people who aren’t safe to drive very rarely agree with that assessment. Your senior might want to keep driving, no matter what, and this might mean that you need to get much more involved.


Some of the Decisions She’s Making Might Seem Off

If your elderly family member is experiencing changes in how her brain works, her decision-making skills might not be as trustworthy as they once were. Some of the decisions she makes now might seem like ones she never would have made before or they might be downright unsafe for her. This might require you to be more vocal about what you’re seeing.


As your senior’s caregiver, these situations can usually point to something more going on that you need to help correct for your senior. Hiring elderly care providers can give your senior the hands-on help that she needs and can free up time and energy for you so that you can approach some of these problems with a clear head.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner