Waking up in the middle of the night is irritating, but it’s also a form of insomnia. If your elderly family member is waking up a lot in the middle of the night, there might be some big reasons for that. Helping her to get back to sleeping all night long is important and there are some things you can try.


Home Care Services in Lawrenceville GA: Senior Insomnia

Home Care Services in Lawrenceville GA: Senior Insomnia



If Worrying Is an Issue, Work Around It

One reason that people tend to wake up in the middle of the night is that worries nudge at them via their subconscious. Your elderly family member might not say that she’s got a lot to worry about, but there are little things that could be bugging her. Worries about her health, worries about your health, and just pondering what might happen down the road can all be big concerns for her. Let your senior know that she can talk to you or to anyone else about what’s bothering her during the day so that those concerns don’t waylay her at night.


She Can’t Just Make it Happen

Some people believe that they can just make sleep happen. Especially if they fell asleep relatively easily earlier in the evening, it might feel like a failure of some sort to not just make sleep happen. If your elderly family member is laying in bed trying to make herself get back to sleep, encourage her to give herself a time limit. For instance, if she’s still awake half an hour later, she’ll try something else.


Try a Completely Different Activity

When sleep just won’t come, trying a completely different activity can help. There’s a catch with this, though. Your senior doesn’t need to be doing anything highly active or that involves bright lighting, caffeine, or anything that is likely to keep her awake. Reading can be a good idea, especially if your senior uses a blue light blocking screen or reads an actual book or magazine. Making a “sleepy” drink, like warm milk or chamomile tea, can be a soothing activity that helps to lull her back to a sleepy state.


Go with Rest if She Still Can’t Sleep

Every once in a while, nothing might seem to help. What you can do instead is to stop chasing sleep and encourage your elderly family member to rest. Even if she lays in bed with her eyes closed and her favorite blanket, that can help her to feel a little more rested than getting up and being active too early in the day. Every little bit of rest can help quite a bit.

Having regular daily routines can help your elderly family member to get the sleep that she needs. Elder care providers can be an excellent way to help you’re senior to establish and to stick to strong daily routines.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner