As someone gets older, they need to find activities and things to do that will improve their mental and emotional health. Yes, they should still stay physically fit. However, keeping mentally and emotionally stable can help to reduce dementia and other types of cognitive decline. If you or senior care providers are taking care of your elderly loved one, it is important to know that art therapy is one of the things that could help them.


Home Care Services in Oakwood GA: Art Therapy and Elderly Adults

Home Care Services in Oakwood GA: Art Therapy and Elderly Adults


Improved Concentration

Most elderly adults who participate in art therapy will find they are able to concentrate better. Art therapy helps them to calm their brain and focus on what they need to. As people age, their concentration often gets worse. They find it is more difficult to focus on something for a period of time. However, if you start getting your elderly loved one into art therapy, it could help them to focus and concentrate better than they have in a while. This is because art therapy utilizes and stimulates various parts of the brain, improving cognitive abilities.


Reduced Pain

Many elderly adults will suffer from some sort of chronic or acute pain. This could come from arthritis, osteoarthritis, a back injury, surgery, or something else entirely. If your elderly loved one is suffering from pain for any reason, you should have them try out art therapy. Research shows that art therapy can relieve tension in the body. This can help to lower the amount of pain that your elderly loved one is in.


Reducing Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

If your elderly loved one is one of the many elderly adults that deal with depression, anxiety, or stress, it is important to do something to help them. There are numerous medications that can help to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress. However, those medications may not be necessary. There are also holistic measures that can be taken to help your elderly loved one feel better. Art therapy is one of those options.

Now that you know how art therapy can help your elderly loved one, it is time to get them started. While there are official art therapists who can help your loved one, you can also do art therapy with them in their own home. You and their senior care providers can do scrapbooking, painting, drawing, crafts, and other types of art with them. Pick out an artistic activity that you think they would enjoy and get the necessary items to help them create something amazing. Let them explore their creativity. In some people, with just one art therapy session, they start to reap the benefits. This could happen for your elderly loved one, as well.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner