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One thing that is very common as people get older is their vision starts to get a little cloudy. To use a metaphor, if one thinks of a camera lens as getting foggy, this is similar to the way cataracts create a gradual loss of vision, as the lens in the eye becomes increasingly cloudy.Senior Care in Duluth GA

June is Cataract Awareness Month, and it is a good time to learn more about cataracts. Prevent Blindness America states that cataracts are the number one cause of blindness in the world.

How Many People Have Cataracts?
The National Eye Institute reports that in the United States today there are about 25 million people with cataracts. The expectation is that this number will increase to about 40 million by 2030 and to 50 million by 2050 as Americans, on the average, get older.

Cataracts are more likely in white people than in other ethnic groups. Women account for about two-thirds of those with cataracts, while men are only about one-third of the total. Cataracts are more prevalent in older age groups.

Here is the breakdown by age groups of the numbers of those people that have cataracts:

Under the age of 60 – Less than 10%
Between 60 and 70 – About 20%
Between 70 and 80 – 40% to 50%
Over the age of 80 – Up to 70%

Everyone should consider that cataracts will be part of their future as they get older. In-home professional caregivers, providing elder care, should take note of any discoloration in the eyes that makes them appear cloudy. In advanced cataracts, it is possible to see them if the light reflects on the eyes at the proper angle.

What are the Early Signs of Cataracts?
Many of the elderly notice the problem on their own and complain about “fuzzy” or “blurry” vision. Having cataracts is like looking through a sheet of thick opaque plastic. A person can still see but the images aren’t as clear. Professional senior care providers know to look out for these signs, and they can help take seniors for eye exams if necessary.

Corrective Lenses and Cataract Surgery
Eyeglasses will not help people with cataracts; instead, new corrective lenses are available for placement within the eyes. The eye doctor performs a simple surgical procedure in a clinical setting. The procedure is painless and most people recovery very rapidly without any complications. Early treatment is preferable to waiting until the cataract problem is severe.

There is a live video of an actual cataract surgery, which shows every detail, narrated by the doctor performing the surgery. The procedure took only six minutes to perform and the patient went from legally blind to having restored 20/20 vision!

Even though cataracts are very common, the corrective surgery provides fantastic results. Consult with an eye doctor for an eye exam and then to discuss cataract surgery when a beloved elder has cataracts.

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Cataract Surgery performed by Dr. Sibley