If your elderly family member has a cardiology appointment, you definitely want to make the most of it. These tips can help you to remember all the tiny details that can make a difference to your senior’s health and also make you feel more at ease about what you’ll learn while you’re there.


Senior Care in Braselton GA: Cardiology Appointment

Senior Care in Braselton GA: Cardiology Appointment



Stick to Any Pre-appointment Requirements

Depending on the type of appointment your senior is going for, she might have some requirements to stick to beforehand. Sometimes she might need to avoid food, including anything but water. In some cases, failing to stick to those prerequisites can mean that your elderly family member has to reschedule the appointment completely and that can be problematic for her.


Write Down Some Notes

It’s tempting to believe that you or your senior will remember every detail that needs to be discussed with her cardiologist. The pressure of the moment and the reality of being with the doctor and in the office can undo that certainty, though. It’s really important to write down any notes that you can about symptoms and issues so that you can make sure it gets addressed. Anything you’ve noticed with medication side effects is especially important.


List out all Supplements, Vitamins, and Medications

It’s also a good idea to take a complete list of all medications, vitamins, and other supplements that your elderly family member is taking. People often forget that they’re trying this vitamin or that supplement, but those small details matter a lot medically. Some may even interact with medications that your senior is taking right now or that her doctor wants to prescribe. Having a full list provides a wealth of information.


Bring a Notepad to the Appointment

So much happens during a doctor’s appointment. There’s always something that throws you off your stride and that one question that you got an answer to might just be the one detail you forget. If you’ve got a notepad handy, you’ll have a better chance of remembering what you wanted to ask because you can refer to your list of notes and questions. But you’ll also be more likely to write down important details you’ll need later.

As much as you might like going to every single medical appointment with your elderly family member, sometimes it just isn’t possible. If your senior needs a ride or simply a friendly face along with her when she goes to see her cardiologist, senior care providers can help.


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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner