Your elderly family member might think that chronic health problems will keep her from doing something as seemingly complex as yoga. But in reality, yoga can be incredibly helpful, especially if your senior keeps some key information in mind.

Elder Care in Lawrenceville GA: Yoga and Chronic Health Issues

Pay Attention to the Type of Yoga She’s Trying.

If you or your elderly family member hasn’t tried yoga before, you might be really surprised to find out how many different types of yoga there are out there. Some of those types are pretty intense, too. Bikram yoga, for example, is also called hot yoga and it can be incredibly taxing for your aging adult. What you’re looking for are yoga sessions that are described as gentle. You might even want to look for classes specifically designed for elderly participants.

Take a Class and Practice at Home.

Ideally your senior should take a class with a certified instructor and also practice at home. Let your senior’s instructor know about any health issues she has, such as arthritis or other chronic health conditions. Her instructor can show her modified poses that minimize pain and help your aging adult to get the most out of her yoga practice.

Respect Her Limitations.

As your elderly family member learns more about how her body feels while she’s doing yoga, she can learn her limitations. Developing respect for those limitations helps her to avoid hurting herself or pushing farther than she should. Encourage your senior to let you or her elder care providers know when she needs extra help getting out of a painful position.

Props Are Essential.

Many people think that using props during yoga practice is a form of cheating, but in reality, the props are there to help your senior avoid injuring herself. They allow her to ease into positions that would normally be painful or impossible. Cushions, blocks, straps, and other props are all vital parts of a well-rounded yoga practice.

Yoga can help your senior to maintain her flexibility, remain mobile, and learn to listen to her body. Make sure that you talk with her doctor before she begins a new yoga practice to make sure that it’s the right amount of exercise for her.

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Valerie Darling, Founder, Owner