Home Care in Braselton GA

You’ve been taking care of your elderly father for a few weeks. Among all of the other things you have going on in your life, it sometimes feels as though you don’t have time to spend with him. You might stop by and check on him and despite his nearly begging you to stay for a little while, you have to run to another function or event or some other responsibility.

There are more than 44.4 million family caregivers in the United States alone, based on estimations by the AARP. That’s a tremendous amount of responsibility and pressure being taken on by family members, most of whom don’t receive any monetary compensation. Many of those family members are also working full or part-time jobs and in some cases second jobs just to make ends meet.

It can feel overwhelming trying to take care of another individual, especially an elderly family member who might require a significant amount of assistance with basic tasks. It’s important for these caregivers to realize they don’t have to do this on their own. Even if they don’t have other family members willing or able to step up and help out, they can call on professional home care services.

What are home care services?

The most common type of in home care service provider is referred to as a home care aide. These are individuals who would go to the elderly client’s home and assist them with whatever they require. The senior may need help getting out of bed in the morning and getting dressed. They might only need some assistance preparing meals, getting to doctor’s appointments, or doing the laundry.

Many of these home care aides can assist with basic light housekeeping duties, ensuring safety for the senior, and even offering them companionship. If the senior is spending a significant amount of their time home alone, they can get lonely and that can increase the risk of depression and anxiety.

There are many reasons why people overlook professional home care services. The most significant has to do with various myths and misconceptions about it. Contrary to what people commonly think, home care is the most affordable option for seniors who require assistance. It is a fraction of the cost of nursing home care in less than half the average cost of assisted-living.

Some family members worry about abuse or fraud, but the vast majority of caregivers, especially those hired through home care agencies, are honest, hard-working, compassionate individuals who sincerely want nothing but the best for their elderly clients. Also, many agencies carefully interview and check the background of each employee before they are hired.

If you’re taking care of a family member and feel overwhelmed, realize you’re not alone. Contact a home care agency and rely on the incredible services they offer.

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