Senior Care in Cumming GA

There is a common saying that goes something like, “You only have two eyes.” This basically refers to the fact that your eyesight, your two eyes, are incredibly important and you should do everything you can to Senior Care in Cumming GAprotect them. The same holds true for hearing. You only have two ears and while some people may have experienced hearing damage in the past, due to working with loud machines, listening to loud music, and more, as they get older and potentially rely on some type of senior care at home, it’s important to continue focusing on protecting those ears and that hearing as much as possible.

How can senior home services help to protect hearing?

A senior care provider, such as a home care aide, isn’t going to be able to do anything directly to help protect hearing, at least not in medical terms. However, an experienced caregiver could certainly pay attention to some warning signs that a senior is dealing with hearing loss.

For example, a caregiver that stops by and works with the senior on a regular basis may begin noticing that the elderly individual is turning up the television more and more every week. This could be a clear sign that he is having difficulty hearing and needs to visit his doctor to determine what type of hearing loss he may be experiencing. It could be a simple matter of wax buildup that is making it difficult for him to hear clearly. It could also be the beginning of permanent hearing loss, at which point hearing aids may certainly be extremely beneficial.

The more people turn up the volume on a television or radio, or even headphones, just to be able to hear clearly, the more they are exposing their inner ear to more damage.  Just because it’s difficult for people to hear clearly and they have to turn the volume up doesn’t mean that increased volume is not impacting their hearing even more…it is.

The best thing anyone can do is pay attention to potential warning signs of hearing loss. Aging individuals may not recognize they are beginning to experience hearing loss until it becomes severe. If a person is asking another individual to repeat themselves numerous times, is turning up the volume on the television or radio, or is beginning to talk louder than normal, these can all indicate potential hearing loss.

May is National Better Hearing Month, so people who rely on senior care should be focused on protecting their hearing as much as possible.

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