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Home Care Services: Is Your Senior Eating Too Much Sugar?

Home Care Services: Did you know that the third week of January is Sugar Awareness Week? Does your senior eat a little too much sugar at times?

Home Care Services: Did you know that the third week of January is Sugar Awareness Week?

In 2022, that puts this important week from January 17th through the 22nd. Thinking about how much sugar your senior is getting might be a new detail for you and your home care services provider to calculate for her, so these tips can help.


Home Care Services in Johns Creek GA: Sugar Intake
Home Care Services in Johns Creek GA: Sugar Intake


Sugar Is in a Lot of Foods, Even if They’re Not Sweet

It can be really surprising how much sugar is in foods that your elderly family member eats every day, even when those foods aren’t super sweet themselves. Sugar content really does add up, and your senior might be eating a lot more than she even realizes. Figuring out what’s in your senior’s foods is the first step toward making a change.

Too Much Sugar Can Have a Big Impact

If your elderly family member already has diabetes, heart disease, or other health issues, then her doctor might have already cautioned her about sugar intake worsening those health conditions. But too much sugar over a long period of time can also contribute to those health issues in the first place. Talk to your senior’s doctor about how sugar may impact her individual health conditions.

Consider a Food Diary for a Little While

Another way to get a good handle on how much sugar your senior takes in is for her to keep a food diary. Reading food labels is definitely eye-opening, but it’s also good to see what your senior is eating in a day. Home care providers can help her to keep up with tracking her food intake when you’re not around. This isn’t something that she necessarily has to do for a long time. Just a few weeks of data can help.

Home Care Services: Help Your Senior with Meal Preparation

Meal preparation and the difficulties around preparing meals can be one big reason your senior might be leaning on foods that are higher in sugar content. Having help from elder care providers with cooking and other aspects of getting a meal on the table can make a huge difference. Home care providers can relieve your senior of other tasks that are getting a big complicated for her, too.

Once you and your home care services providers know what your senior is bringing into her body in terms of sugar on a daily basis, you can start to make small changes that reduce that sugar intake. Most of the time it’s easy to reduce sugar intake without really noticing much difference in terms of taste, which is really helpful.


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